I can’t shoot it if it’s not in my studio, so bring a lot of clothes – bring clothes that you love and feel good in. I can tell from a mile away if you’re wearing a shirt or a dress you’re not comfortable in, so bring what you love to wear

Usually solid colors in dark or light tones look good and shirts with jackets always works, too, so be sure to bring that. If you have specific colors that look good on you, bring clothes in these colors too

However, be aware that bright and strong colors tend to reflect on your skin (i.e. a bright red shirt will make your skin look red) so I usually do not recommend you to bring clothes like that – also, a headshot is about showing you, so any bright colors will take attention away from your face and that’s not what we want.

An important part of making you look good and strong is your neck and neckline so I prefer shooting with clothes that doesn’t cover the neck too much; collars work fine for both guys and ladies, but for ladies they should not be too big as this visually brings the chin too close to the shoulders

Guys, a white shirt and a jacket is always a hit – bring it – I do have a lot of ties so if you don’t have a favorite tie, chances are that I have one that’ll suit you

Ladies, shirts and jackets are a hit for you too. While tank tops also look good. Take a look at what the ladies are wearing in the headshot gallery to get an idea of what works for a headshot


Our goal at the Headshot Studio KC is to present the best possible version of you to the world. We work hard to ensure that your headshot reflects your essence and captures the attention of your intended audience.

To do that, we offer various photo-editing styles to meet your needs and retouching is included in the price of your package!


Look awesome, but just need a little help? Maybe you had a breakout or a few hairs just wouldn’t cooperate.

Recommended for those who want to look their natural best.

  • blemish removal
  • minor stray hair removal
  • teeth whitening
  • eye brightening


Could you use more of a pick-me-up? Maybe your “character lines” are starting to show more than you’d like or your under-eye circles are saying “I didn’t sleep well last night.”

Recommended for corporate headshots and people wanting a more polished and professional look.

  • blemish removal
  • minor stray hair removal
  • teeth whitening
  • eye brightening
  • shine reduction
  • wrinkle and under-eye circle minimization


If you want a more dramatic change in your appearance, let us know exactly what you have in mind and we will send you a custom quote.

Remember though…sometimes flaws are just charms in disguise.




 includes two images with one look

4+ People: $150 each • includes one image per subject

11+ People: $80 each • includes one image per subject



includes one four images with 2 looks

4+ People: $200 each

11+ People: $99 each

please request a quote for groups of 21+



additional images may be purchased for $15 each


Hair and makeup services can boked for you. All of the stylists determine their own pricing and the fee is paid directly to the stylist on the day of your session.

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